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"Hunting and Fishing Partners - and Married"

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Being married helps Doug and Carmen McNeely enjoy more time outdoors together. More

'Twas the Night Before Hunting Season

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Hunting is as exciting as a holiday, but we have to act responsibly to protect ourselves and our sport. More

2011 Quail Odyssey, Part I

Photo of Kyle Hedges accepting a woodcock from his English setter, Tess.
Wherein we learn the difference between “intensive” and “extensive” cover. More

2011 Quail Odyssey, Part II

Frank Loncarich approaches two dogs on point.
Wherein intrepid hunters empty their guns to kill one quail. More

2011 Quail Odyssey, Part III

Dogs and hunters work a big prairie
Wherein mid- to late-season hunting tactics are revealed. More
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2014 Small Game Hunting Prospects

Use this report to plan your next small game hunting trip in Missouri. More

A Guide for Kansas City Hunters

A listing of hunting regulations and areas for the Kansas City region. More

A New, Old Way to Hunt

Bow Hunting
Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or just an escape from the tree-stand, hunting from the ground can add all new elements to your hunt. More
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A Pawn in the Game of Life

Do you ever get the feeling your big brain and opposable thumbs aren't really that big an advantage? More
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