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21. The First 50 Years: Engineering Section and Land Acquisition

What eventually became the Engineering Section had its origin in the 1937 Land and Waters Division, consisting of a chief, E. A. Mayes, and one secretary. More

22. The First 50 Years: Personnel Section

When the Department began operations in 1937, no one was designated to handle personnel management responsibilities. Each division, and often each supervisor, shouldered the duties. More

23. The First 50 Years: Planning Section

Planning Section became a separately designated administrative section as part of Department reorganization in 1964, with Edwin H. Glaser as its chief. Its roots, however, extend back to 1946, when the Department found it necessary to establish liaison with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers to safeguard the state¿s fish and game interests in river basin planning and developments. More

24. The First 50 Years: Operations Section

As early as 1942, the Forestry Division recognized a need for services that were later to become duties of the Operations Section. State Forester George O. White hired Robert F. Wells, a former U. S. Forest Service employee and CCC foreman, to do construction work. More

25. The First 50 Years: Tables of Organization

Organizational charts show the structure of the Department during its first 50 years. More

27. The First 50 Years: Master Conservationists

The Master Conservationist award was adopted in 1941 and first presented in 1942. There were awards every year from 1942 until 1950 when there was a lapse of 18 years until R. A. Brown, member of the Conservation Commission from 1945 to 1951, was awarded the honor in 1968. More

28. The First 50 Years: Charles W. Schwartz Murals

The story of conservation in Missouri is told pictorially by the murals of Charles W. Schwartz which grace the foyer of Department headquarters in Jefferson City. These murals trace the history of the fish, forest and wildlife resources of the state from the pristine conditions of 1700 through the era of settlement and exploitation to present conservation efforts. More

29. The First 50 Years: Chronology Part 1 (1861-1968)

Chronology Part 1 details conservation-related events in Missouri from 1861 to 1968. More

30. The First 50 Years: Chronology Part II (1969-1986)

Chronology Part II details events related to Missouri wildlife and forests and the Department of Conservation from 1969-1986. More

31. The First 50 Years: Photo Credits and Index

View the photo credits and index. More