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pignut hickory

Pignut Hickory

Carya glabra
A rugged hickory of dry upland forests in the eastern Ozarks, the pignut has pear-shaped fruits with thin husks. Settlers were unimpressed with the nuts’ flavor and fed them to their hogs!

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Image of a shagbark hickory leaf

Shagbark Hickory

Carya ovata
Many Missouri trees are quite useful, and shagbark hickory is a great example. Its wood makes excellent, slow-burning charcoal, its nuts are edible and its wood is used for many implements. Wildlife from moths to squirrels to bats appreciate shagbarks, too!

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Image of a shellbark hickory bark

Shellbark Hickory (Big Shagbark Hickory)

Carya laciniosa
This is the largest of the true hickories and has the best-tasting hickory nuts in Missouri. Compared to shagbark hickory, it has larger leaves and more leaflets, plus large nuts and orange twigs.

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Time for Squirrels to Start Cuttin’ Hickory Nuts

Just about the time kids head back to school, it's time to head to the nearest hickory tree for some squirrel huntin'.

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water hickory

Water Hickory (Bitter Pecan)

Carya aquatica
Water hickory grows on ground that is often under water during part of the year. The bitter nuts are consumed by ducks and other wildlife.

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