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Red-Tailed Hawk Soaring

Photo of a red-tailed hawk soaring
Like other hawks in the genus Buteo, the red-tailed hawk soars on broad, widespread, rounded wings and have proportionally shorter tails than other types of hawks. Details of coloration vary among individuals and ages, but the rufous tail of adults is a giveaway. More

Red-Tailed Hawks On Utility Pole

Photo of two red-tailed hawks perched on a utility pole
Red-tailed hawks are common along highways, perched on a fence post, telephone pole, tree, or hay bale, from which they watch for prey. Many American commuters enjoy seeing these “highway hawks” on their roadside perches. More

Roadside Raptors

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Image of an american kestrel
The "road way" is the best way to spot Missouri's birds of prey. More

The Cycle of Life

Nature is red in tooth and claw. That paraphrase of the English poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson came to mind when I saw the sharp-shinned hawk make a pass at the birds around my feeders. The hawk’s presence can usually be assumed when the smaller birds scatter wildly, some of them taking refuge in the dense, multi-stemmed deutzia shrub near the feeders. More

The Traveler

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The northern harrier continues to soar through Missouri's skies. More