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wide ring of white mushrooms growing in green grass

Fairy Ring

Common in fields and pastures, the green-spored lepiota often grows in large arcs or circular "fairy rings." Admire their beauty, but don't eat them. They're poisonous.

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five white mushrooms on moss

Green-Spored Lepiota

Chlorophyllum molybdites has a white cap with tan/buff scales and is usually found growing in large groups.

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caucasian hand holding white, umbrella-shaped mushroom

Large Green-Spored Lepiota

C. molybdites can be quite large. The gills are white when young and mature to a dull olive green.

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white, umbrella-shaped mushroom with ring halfway up stem

Mushroom With Ring on Stem

The green-spored lepiota has a characteristic thick, sometimes movable ring on the stem. Don't eat this mushroom. It's poisonous.

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