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Snow Goose

Photo of a snow goose standing in a winter field
Chen caerulescens
This goose has two color morphs (forms): white and blue. The “blue goose” was once considered a separate species. Both morphs share the distinctive feature of a black “lipstick” streak along the edges of the bill. More

Snow Goose (Blue Morph)

Photo of a snow goose, blue form, standing on muddy shoreline
Blue morph snow geese used to be considered a separate species, the “blue goose.” They are mostly grayish brown overall, with a white head and neck, and white on the underside of the wing. All snow geese have pink bills with black “lipstick,” and pink legs and feet. More

Waterfowl Recipes

Use these recipes to learn how to prepare Missouri's feathered bounty for your table. More

Wild Goose Management Worksheet

This print-and-use worksheet helps your Missouri community determine wild-goose management goals. More

Wild Jerky

Use venison, wild turkey or wild goose in this versatile recipe for jerky. More

Youth waterfowl hunting clinic offered Oct. 20 and 27

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