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Canada Goose Young

Photo of young Canada goose gosling
Upon hatching, Canada geese young are clothed in yellow down feathers and can walk and swim within a few days. The goslings stay with their parents all the time and do not leave them until after the spring migration. Canada geese can live to be 30 years old. More

Cash for Clunkers Habitat for Honkers

Learn about the relationship between waterfowl and waterfowl refuges. More

Chicken Little was Right

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Free-falling objects - including dead Canada geese - accelerate due to gravity at 32 feet per second squared. More

Don't Shoot a Swan

Trumpeter swans are not legal game, so make sure of your target before firing at large white birds. More

Ducks and Geese: They’re Delicious!

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A rinse and a good recipe transform waterfowl into superb table fare. More

Geese Call Autumn in Formation

Yesterday I sat outside enjoying what may be the last most blissful day of warm weather. More

Get Your Goose!

If you’re outside and happen to hear a very distant cry way, way up in the sky, you may catch of glimpse of high-flying snow geese now making their way north. More

How to Cook Your Goose

After waterfowl seasons close each year, two of my hunting buddies and I get together with our long-suffering wives to enjoy the fruits of our labor. More

Hunter Opinions About Canada Goose Season

Canada goose hunter preferences have shifted dramatically since the 1980s. This four-page document summarizes opinion surveys conducted in 2008 and 2009. More

Hunting the Wind

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A new waterfowling opportunity has arrived in the form of snow geese. More