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Raccoon Trapper

Raccoon numbers are down, but other furbearer populations are stable or increasing. High fur prices are likely to lead to a large harvest this year. More

Record-Weight Furbearers

View the list of Missouri's record-weight furbearers, and let us know if you think you've trapped a record-breaking furbearer. More

Red Fox

 photo of a red fox
Vulpes vulpes
The common name of this animal, “fox” is the Anglo-Saxon name for this animal and refers to its crafty behavior. In the twenty-first century, hunters still respect and appreciate foxes for their ability to elude. More

River Otter

photo of river otter
Lontra canadensis
The playfulness and amazing agility of these streamlined mammals endear them to humans, but their voracious appetite makes these graceful, powerful swimmers a serious predator for crayfish and other small aquatic organisms. More

Striped Skunk

Photograph of a striped skunk walking
Mephitis mephitis
Skunks are omnivorous mammals notorious for their ability to discharge an obnoxious scent when provoked, and the striped skunk is the most commonly encountered skunk in our state. More


Browse Missouri trapping topics, including fur auction results, furbearer program report and records, making trapping lures, history of trapping in Missouri, trapping coyotes, and use of cable restraints in Missouri. More