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2014 Small Game Hunting Prospects

Use this report to plan your next small game hunting trip in Missouri. More

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Remember how much fun you had as a kid when you stalked pond edges with a flashlight looking for frog eyes? More

Bullfrog Sooie: Calling the Frogs

It's not that easy being green, and it's not that easy catching frogs, either. More

Bullfrogs and green frogs up for grabs June 30

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Missouri’s annual frogging season runs from June 30 to Oct. 31. More

Cape Girardeau Nature Center offers women’s frog-gigging clinic

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Some lucky southeast Missouri women will learn to gig frogs at a free event offered by the Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center. More

Frog Hunt

Join a first-time hunter as he gets the jump on one of Missouri's elusive creatures. More

Frog Hunting Prospects

Browse hunting tips and habitat treatments, ongoing research, and featured Missouri conservation areas for hunting American bullfrogs and green frogs. More

Frog Recipes

Frog legs have a mild flavor similar to that of fish. They can be battered and fried or sautéed in butter with garlic or herbs. They also make a good base for Cajun dishes that call for fish or shellfish. More

Frog Regulations

Bullfrog and green frog season opens at sunset June 30 and runs through Oct. 31. You can take them by a variety of methods using a small game or fishing permit. Daily limit is eight combined total of both species; 16 in possession. More