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Gray foxes are found throughout Missouri but are most common in heavily forested areas in the Ozarks. More

Coyote and Fox Trapper Record for Hound Running Area

Downloadable hound running area operator’s coyote and fox trapper record form. More

Gray Fox

Image of a gray fox
Image of a gray fox. More

Gray Fox

Image of a gray fox
Urocyon cinereoargenteus
There are two species of foxes in Missouri. The gray fox is more likely to be seen in the southern half of the state, climbs trees readily and is less desired by both fox hunters and fur trappers. More

Hound Running Area Permit

Permit to operate a hound running area and purchase, transport, propagate, hold in captivity and sell or to release into a permitted hound running area legally acquired foxes and coyotes. More

Missouri’s small-game hunting forecast

This is a close-up photo of a hunter's hand holding two squirrels.
Here’s what to expect when you head out to hunt quail, pheasants, rabbits, squirrels, and furbearers. More

Plants & Animals

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Photo of a red fox kit.
Wildlife lovers can find this secretive, bushy-tailed and black-footed furbearer statewide. More

Portrait of a Predator

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Not just a pretty face, the red fox fills an important role in Missouri. More

Red Fox

 photo of a red fox
Vulpes vulpes
The common name of this animal, “fox” is the Anglo-Saxon name for this animal and refers to its crafty behavior. In the twenty-first century, hunters still respect and appreciate foxes for their ability to elude. More