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Forest Management for Missouri Landowners

Download guidelines for assessing your Missouri woodlot’s present condition and creating and maintaining a healthy forest that meets your objectives. More

Healthy Forests for Generations

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Grandin Mill
The Conservation Department was created by a citizen-led effort to restore Missouri’s fish, forests and wildlife 75 years ago. This is the story of how Missourians have worked together to improve our forests to benefit wildlife and people, for generations to come. More

Johnsons Receive Silver Tree Farm Certificate

Johnsons Receive Silver Tree Farm Certificate
A long-time commitment to forestry conservation has earned John and Connie Johnson the Silver Tree Farm certificate. Pictured, from left, are John Johnson, Connie Johnson and Missouri Department of Conservation Resource Forester Greg Cassell. More

MDC delivers Volunteer Fire Assistance Program matching grants

Of the 177 fire departments receiving checks, 31 of those fire departments are in Missouri's southeast region. More

MDC funds will help rural fire departments

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Missouri rural fire departments are receiving checks from the MDC Forestry Division through July and August as part of the Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Fire Department Matching Grant Program. More

MDC providing grants to rural fire departments

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180 fire departments across the state receiving checks of up to $3,000 to help with the purchase of personal protective gear and firefighting equipment for use against wildfire and structure fires. More

MDC seeks comments on forest-management guidelines

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Overstory research crew measuring trees
Guidelines to help landowners achieve forest management goals while also benefiting wildlife. More

MDC to hold Forestry Field Day in Eminence

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our precious forests
Foresters, landowners and loggers are all encouraged to attend. More

Milling Around

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Russ Noah has spent much of his life collecting and restoring antique logging equipment. More