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Timber Management Assistance

Want to improve your woodlot management or timber yields? Get our help! Call your regional forester. More

Timber management boosts wildlife and preferred trees

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Forest management thinning trees can boost wildlife and the most desirable trees
Thinning trees in a woodland can boost wildlife and the most desirable trees. More

Timber Stand Improvement

Download this illustrated, two-color, eight-page guide to learn how to improve your woodlot by cutting firewood. More

To Sell or Not to Sell

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If you’re interested in harvesting timber on your property, there are a few questions to consider. More

Too Much Sugar!

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Sugar maples are shading out Missouri's riverside oaks and hickories. More

Tree City USA awards presented to area cities

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Riverbreaks Burr Oak

Turning A New Leaf

This week we started some timber stand improvement (TSI) work on the area. Although this isn't “renovation work” in the sense of construction, it is work being done to improve the habitat on Duck Creek in the in a way you could still classify it as “renovation work.” Below is a little background on why we are cutting down some trees in order to “turn a new leaf” and make room for the future timber stand at Duck Creek. More
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Weeding Trees

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Learn how to get more value out of your tree harvest. More

Where There's Fuel, There Could Be Fire

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Too much fuel on the forest floor can lead to catastrophic fires. More