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The Gall of Those Little Wasps

Some of the more unusual natural objects in Missouri’s forests are the insect galls that are found on oak trees.

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Timberdoodle Hatch

Last Saturday my dog, Lizzy, and I were multi-tasking.

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To Kill a Tree

I receive occasional contacts from Missourians who are lamenting the harvest of trees or the use of herbicides on trees.

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Photo of tree-branch flagging

Tree-Branch Flagging

Insects, diseases or weather-related injury can cause branches to break and droop. Learn how to identify the causes and what you can do to treat it.

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We're Frost Free

If you prefer warmer temperatures and you’re looking for the bright side of Tax Day, April 15 is also the average day of last frost in central Missouri.

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What Is That Blob Outside?

With the wet spring we’ve had (3 to 5 inches of rain above normal February to April in many Missouri counties), it’s no surprise that unusual things are growing out there.

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When Beavers Take Your Trees

The note on the Natural Events Calendar for Dec. 23 was “beavers feed on sapling reserves.”

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When Green Is No Good

It was one of the warm, sunny weekends in November, and I was happily going from new bluebird box to bluebird box, brushing a coat of water sealant on the wooden top of each.

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