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I’ve recently been hearing an advertisement on the radio that encourages landowners to enroll their acreage into a land trust. More

Missouri Forest Health Highlights 2012

Download and review the factors that affected Missouri’s trees and forests in 2012, including invasive forest pests, other insects, diseases and weather. More

Missouri Forest Health Update, April 2011

Information on periodical cicadas, diagnosing tree diseases, insects and diseases to watch for in the next month. More

Missouri Forest Health Update, August 2011

Information on causes of branch flagging, insect defoliators, exotic insect and disease pests, conifer problems and current disease issues. More

Missouri Forest Health Update, December 2011

Updates on the status of exotic forest pests and diseases, weather related forest health problems, and some other tree disease issues. More

Missouri Forest Health Update, March 2014

Topics in this issue: emerald ash borer, thousand cankers disease of walnut, weather impacts on insects and trees, rapid white oak mortality and how you can help researchers, and tips for getting a tree disease diagnosis. More

Missouri Forest Health Update, May 2013

Inside this issue: Thousand Cankers Disease of Walnut; Impacts of Cool, Wet Spring; Rose Rosette Disease; Conifer Issues; Boxwood Blight; Drought Impacts Still Expected; Hardwood Borers and Drought; Hypoxylon Canker and Oak Wilt. More

Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Plan

What will Missouri do when an invasive forest pest such as thousand cankers disease is found?  Read this draft plan that addresses all invasive forest insects and diseases, plus two supplemental documents about thousand cankers disease, and give us your comments by September 22, 2014. More

Missouri Volunteer Opportunity: Forestkeepers

Whether you just have a few trees or many in a nearby park, you can do something to help Missouri’s trees. Volunteer as a Missouri Forestkeeper. This statewide network supported by the Missouri Department of Conservation and Forest ReLeaf of Missouri helps you monitor local trees. More

National Hunting and Fishing Day

I just wrote about Take a Child Outside Week a few days ago. Well, this is the week to celebrate the outdoors in a number of ways! Since 1972, the fourth Saturday of September has been National Hunting and Fishing Day. More