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Forest Health Alert: Oak Wilt

This disease of oaks is easily spread in the spring. Learn to identify and prevent it. More

Forest Health News

Browse up-to-date bulletins on the causes of branch flagging, insect defoliators, exotic insect and disease pests, conifer problems and current disease issues. More

Forest Management

Forest management thinning trees can boost wildlife and the most desirable trees
Thinning trees in a woodland can boost wildlife and the most desirable trees. MDC Resource Forester Audrey Beres, left, helped John Anderson develop a forest stewardship plan for his farm to achieve those goals. More

Forest Management for Missouri Landowners

Download guidelines for assessing your Missouri woodlot’s present condition and creating and maintaining a healthy forest that meets your objectives. More

Gypsy Moth Control

Image of a gypsy moth
These hungry insects aren't in Missouri yet, but they will drastically alter our forests if and when they arrive. Learn to avoid spreading these destructive forest pests. More

Healthy Forests

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"Healthy Forests" for the February 2008 Missouri Conservationist. More

Healthy Trees Enhance Well-Being

Maybe one way to happier living is to plant more trees…or at least keep the ones we’ve got healthy. More

Help for Landowners with Ponds, Forests and Fields

In the next week or two, someone will be spreading native grass and flower seeds on almost 20 acres that a we’re trying to convert to prairie. More
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Insect + Tree = Something Weird

Lately I’ve been seeing insect galls on the ground that were blown down from the strong winds of spring thunderstorms. More


For a few weeks now, I’ve been receiving questions on the subject of ladybugs, also known as lady beetles. More
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