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A Punk Knot - Of Course!

One of the most interesting aspects of my job as Department ombudsman is that citizens will share with me unusual observations and objects from the natural world. More
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A Salamander Went a Courtin'

Did you know that as you sleep this month, there may be a tiger mating in a nearby pond or marsh? More

A Swiftly Tilting Planet

I hate to rush through life, but September always finds me anticipating autumn’s imminent arrival. More

A Third of U.S. Birds in Trouble

Someone just commented to this blog about not seeing as many whippoorwills as usual. That fits with what’s happening to about a third of the 800 species of birds in the United States that are declining, threatened or endangered. More

Celebrate "Year of the Forest"

our precious forests
Join the Missouri Department of Conservation in celebrating 2011 as the “Year of the Forest.” More

Christmas Tree - When the Weather is Frightful

It’s time to get out and find just the right tree for the holidays. More
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Citizen Conservation Gets Younger

Last year I posted from the Conservation Leadership Corps (CLC) gathering as part of the Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM). More

Deer Hunters Beware!

Firewood looks harmless, but it can harbor the emerald ash borer, a devastating forest pest. Hunters are urged not to move firewood to and from their camps. Instead, buy firewood locally and burn it all before returning home. More

European Wood Wasp Control

Photo of European wood wasp female emerging from wood
Learn to identify and control this destructive forest pest, which attacks Missouri's pine trees. More

Firewood Cutting as Eco-activism?

Now that the air has a crisp autumn tang, I will be spending some time with a chainsaw in the woods around my house. More
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