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Green Bottlefly

image of greenbottle fly on carcass
Greenbottle flies or green blow flies (Lucilia spp.) are shiny like green bottles. There are 11 species in North America, and their metallic colors include greens, blues, turquoise, and bronze. More

Horse and Deer Flies

image of Horse Fly on tree trunk
Tabanus, Chrysops, and related genera
Meet the horse fly: Stealthily, one will land on your back, slice your skin, and lap your blood. By the time it starts to hurt and you swat at it, the painful, itchy welt is rising. More

Horse Fly

image of Horse Fly on tree trunk
Horse flies (Tabanus spp.) are larger than deer flies and usually have solid or striped eyes. In both horse and deer flies, there is a space between the eyes in the females (when viewed from above), while the eyes of males nearly touch. Only the females drink blood. They are attracted to large, dark, moving objects. More

Mosquito Larvae ("Wrigglers")

Photograph of several mosquito larvae resting at water surface
Mosquito larvae are aquatic, with a large head and thorax and narrow, wormlike abdomen. They typically hang just below the water surface, breathing air through tubes at the end of the abdomen. When disturbed, they wriggle downward. More


image of Mosquito
There are about 50 species of mosquitoes in our state.
Who likes mosquitoes? Certainly not people! However, mosquitoes have lived on Earth for millions of years, and all that time they’ve been feeding fish with their legions of “wriggler” larvae. More