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April Showers at Duck Creek

Aerial photo of flooding on Duck Creek CA's Pools 1,2 and 3
Like much of southeast Missouri, Duck Creek has received a substantial amount of rain since last Friday (more than a foot of precipitation)... More

Comparison of the 2011 flood event

You might ask, “So how did this year’s event compare to other flood events?” Well, I dug up some information to try and put things in perspective. The average rainfall in April and May is 9.5 inches. This, of course, varies from year to year. Surprisingly, last spring was average (we received 9.36 inches), but after that the bottom dropped out and we spent the rest of the year in a serious drought…which, by the way, I think it is safe to say we are out of the woods. More

Ditch 105 Water Levels

Two pics show Ditch#105 water levels during and after 2011 flood
Although Ditch 105 (runs parallel between Pools 1 and 2) was plenty high at the end of April, the water levels are very low as we enter June. Over the next couple of weeks, construction crews will work on fortifying this bridge. Traffic to Pool 1 will be rerouted elsewhere. More

Duck Creek CA Tree Damage

Photo of tree damage at Duck Creek CA
During the last week of April 2011, strong winds damaged trees along our roads. However, damage to trees within the pools doesn’t appear to be extensive. More

Flood Pulse: Wetland Health Check-Up

Photo of a netful of bowfin fingerlings
I’ve discussed before that one of our Duck Creek renovation goals is to reconnect historic drainages when possible. During flood events several spillways and low water crossings will help facilitate this. Well, in the last month Mother Nature reconnected the whole basin, spillways or not, during this historic flood event. Over the last two weeks we’ve gone out and have taken a look to see what kind of critters are out and about and utilizing these connected habitats. More

Flooded Greenbrier CA

Aerial photo of Castor River flooding across Greenbrier CA
During the last week of April 2011, Castor River escaped its banks and flooded all of Greenbrier CA. There was little flooding south of the Diversion Channel. More

Flooding East of Duck Creek

Aerial view of flooding at Duck Creek CA
During last week of April 2011, flooding on private land occurred east of Duck Creek as water started to stack up against Crowley’s ridge to the south. More

Fyke Net in Forest Pool

Photo of mini fyke net in forest pool
Mini fyke nets consist of a series of netted hoops connected to a netted lead. They work particularly well in wetlands to capture certain aquatic species. More

Initial Flooding at Duck Creek

Photo of flooded Duck Creek CA unit AB, Pool 1
During the last week of April, 2011, the west side of Duck Creek (Units A and B) flooded, but not to an alarming degree. The area is accessible from Highway Z. More