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A Look Back at the Great Flood of 1993

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The flood-carrying capacity of the Missouri River has been significantly reduced. More

Batture Lands

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The levees holding back our big rivers create strips of wilderness. More

Eagle Bluffs dodges flood damage

Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area
This aerial view of Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area shows crops and moist-soil vegetation doing well. More

MDC Wetlands Are Mostly OK

Aerial view of Grand Pass Conservation Area
Many wetland areas still okay in spite of Great Flood of 2011. More

Missouri Conservation Folks to the Rescue from Floods and Fires

The recent return of six Missouri conservation agents from flood-damaged communities in Louisiana reminded me of the brave actions that goes on largely out of sight and out of the minds of most of us. More

No Joy in Mudville

The levee protecting Bob Brown Conservation Area collapsed.
This view from a helicopter shows Bob Brown Conservation Area and the surrounding farmland covered by floodwater. More

Seep Water Takes a Toll

An aerial view shows the effects of seep water on farmland across and downriver from Grand Pass Conservation Area. More

The 1995 Flood

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Land purchases will help moderate crests on future floods. More

Toppled Tree

The roots of a toppled oak tree form a jagged vertical rosette.
Saturated soil and a gust of wind spelled disaster for this oak tree. More