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Find MO Fish App

Find MO Fish App
For more than a million anglers in the Show-Me State, conservation makes Missouri a great place to fish. MDC's “Find MO Fish” free mobile app can help find them. Learn more and download the Find MO Fish app at     More

First Fish

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Share the excitement and preserve the memory of an angler's first catch. More

First-time striper angler sets state record

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Bruce Cunningham, of Fordland, holding Missouri State-record striped bass
Bruce Cunningham was hoping for a “nice” fishing trip. Thanks to Missouri’s world-class fishing, he got a bonus. More

Fish and Fetch

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Combine summer fishing with hunting dog training. More

Fish Attractors Map

Find some good fishing holes with this interactive, statewide map of fish-attractor locations. More

Fish Cleaning

Fish Cleaning
MDC Fisheries Management Biologist Dave Knuth demonstrates how to clean and cook crappie, catfish, and Asian carp. More

Fish for Free!

Here’s a trivia question. Name three ways a person can legally fish in Missouri without purchasing a fishing permit. More

Fish Gigging

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If you like numbing cold and sleepless nights, you've got what it takes for fish gigging. More

Fish Handling and Release Guidelines

Some Missouri regulations require the release of fish, especially blue catfish. Learn to catch, handle, and release fish unharmed. These guidelines show you how. More

Fish Northwest Missouri

Browse maps and listings for places to pursue a wide variety of fish in northwest Missouri. More