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Bowfin Factoid

Image of a bowfin
After the fun of field work follows the drudgery of data entry. It is the necessary evil of collecting and utilizing information. However, this is all part of the scientific process and can lead to further understanding of the ecology of critters. Over the last few weeks I came across some Duck Creek history and a couple cool nuggets of knowledge from previous research that I thought I'd pass on. More


Young Man Bowfishing
Bowfishing is a specialized method of fishing that is very popular in southeast Missouri. More

Boy With Sunfish

Boy With Sunfish
Conservation makes Missouri a great place to fish. More

Brown Trout-3

photo of a fisherman releasing a brown trout underwater
A photo of a fisherman releasing a brown trout underwater. More

Buffalo Bill Lake

Map of Buffalo Bill Lake. More

Bushytails and bronzebacks are legal May 25

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An angler in a bright red kayak holds aloft a fat, 2-pound smallmouth bass.
Squirrels and smallmouth bass make Missouri a great place to hunt and fish. More