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Left to right: largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass

Black bass season opens May 28 for Ozark Streams

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Limits and other regulations vary by body of water.

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large green and rusty-brown grayfish

Don't Spread Crayfish

Invasive crayfish are a serious problem in Missouri and prevention is key. Don't buy, sell, relocate or dump live crayfish.

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Fish for Free!

Here’s a trivia question. Name three ways a person can legally fish in Missouri without purchasing a fishing permit.

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Fishing Regulations

Know Missouri’s fishing regulations. This section includes the Do Not Harvest list, general fishing provisions, live bait, nongame species and sport fish regulations.

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Frog Regulations

Bullfrog and green frog season opens at sunset June 30 and runs through Oct. 31. You can take them by a variety of methods using a small game or fishing permit. Daily limit is eight combined total of both species; 16 in possession.

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Game Fish Regulations

Browse specific regulations and permit requirements for a variety of Missouri's game fish.

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General Fishing Methods

Find out what methods of fishing are allowed in Missouri.

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General Fishing Rules

Check this section for Missouri's rules on fishing methods, length limits, jug-line regulations, possession limits, culling, and transportation.

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five white plastic baits, all with hooks, attached to a single line

Illegal Alabama Rig

This rigging would NOT be legal in Missouri. You cannot fish five hooks on a pole and line. To comply with the Code, you would need to clip the hooks off two of the baits, OR remove and replace two of the hooked baits with hookless baits or attractors.

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Jug Line Regulations

Find out what you need to jug fish legally in Missouri.

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