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2004 Wildlife Code Changes

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Each year, the Regulations Committee for the Missouri Department of Conservation reviews all the rules in the Wildlife Code of Missouri. More

2014 Firearms Deer Hunting

Your one-stop shop for Missouri's firearm deer-season portions, limits, shooting hours, permits and methods. More

2014 Fishing Summary Booklet

2014 Fishing Summary Booklet
2014 Fishing Summary Booklet More

2014 hunting, trapping, fishing regulation booklets available from MDC

Get copies of the booklets where permits are sold, at MDC offices throughout the state, and online at More

2014 Summary of Missouri Fishing Regulations

Missouri's 2014 fishing regulations come into effect March 1, 2014, and remain in effect through February 28, 2015. More

About Regulations

Based on The Wildlife Code of Missouri, our hunting regulations help keep Missouri's wildlife and habitat healthy. Annually updated regulations summaries appear at Department of Conservation offices and permit vendors and in PDF format on this page March 1. More

Alabama Rig Regulations

five white plastic baits, two with hooks removed
The Alabama, umbrella and similar rigs may be fished in Missouri so long as they use only three lures or baits. The remaining attachment points can include similar baits so long as their hooks have been removed or other hookless attractors such as spinner blades are used. More

Alabama Rigs

Alabama Rigs
The umbrella or Alabama rig on the left is not legal to use on Missouri waters because it has five lures with hooks attached. Only three lures or baits with hooks are allowed when pole and line fishing methods are used. The rig on the right is legal because only three of the attached lures have hooks. Two of the lures have the hooks clipped off but are legal to attach as fish attractors. More

Angler caught over limit at Jackson’s Rotary Lake

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An angler’s daily limit for trout at Rotary Lake is four, which means that a person cannot catch and keep more than four trout on any given day. The possession limit for trout is eight, which means that an angler can possess no more than eight trout at any time. More

Avoid live carp as bait to protect lakes

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Invaders that could harm sport fishing and injure boaters are lurking below dams at Missouri reservoirs. Extra care by anglers is needed to keep them at bay. More