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Image of a chestnut lamprey

Chestnut Lamprey

Ichthyomyzon castaneus
This strange, eel-like fish generates a lot of excitement when people see it, because it's a "vampire" to other fish. Adults have a well-developed, rasplike oral disc, seven porelike gill openings, no paired fins and a single nostril. The ammocoetes (the larval forms) are eyeless and have a horseshoe-shaped hood as a mouth.

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bristly round mouth of chesnut lamprey

Chestnut Lamprey Disk Mouth

The chestnut lamprey's raspy, suction-disk mouth allows it to attach to the sides of various species of fish, where it sucks its hosts' body fluids.

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Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

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They're creepy and crawly, and they catch fish long before you do.

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small catfish with lamprey attached to its side and back

Lamprey Attached to Slender Madtom

This little madtom is the unfortunate host of the parasitic chestnut lamprey, which is attached by its suction-disk mouth. After sucking the madtom's blood and other bodily fluids for up to several days, the lamprey will drop off. Host fish usually don't die from lamprey attacks but may succumb to secondary infections of their wounds.

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This Aquaguide describes the main types of parasites anglers may find in Missouri fish and answers common questions about fish parasites.

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