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"One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish"

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We almost lost our biggest fish, but Missouri’s lake sturgeon are making a slow comeback. More

A Fanatical Few

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Lacking an obsession? Muskies may be the fish for you. More

A Fine Kettle Of Fish

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The new Lost Valley Hatchery will fuel Missouri's sportfishing into the 21st Century. More

A Perfect Pond

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Lake #30 at August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Charles was recent
Make old ponds new again for better fishing and family fun. More

A Swiss-Army Knife, the Weather, and Wetlands:

Looking For Critters
The other night I sat outside in the shade and enjoyed the cool breeze and pondered the weather, the function of a good multi-tool like a Gerber or Swiss-army knife, and their relation to wetlands... More

Alien Teeth

I recently received some interesting photos of a “jawbone with teeth” found by a Missourian who was out searching for shed deer antlers. More

American Eel

Image of an american eel
Anguilla rostrata
The American eel is considered an uncommon catch by Missouri sport anglers. This species is known to take natural baits and rarely takes artificial baits. More

Angling for Oddball Fish

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David Warren holds his Missouri state-record bowfin.
These fish are fun to fight on the water and tasty to eat for dinner. More