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The Way to Better Shotgun Skills

Part of being a good hunter means honing your skills so every shot you take counts. With the cost of ammunition rising, the incentive to do that just keeps growing too. More

To Scope or not to Scope

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Whether you choose telescopic sights or not, you still need practice time at the range. More

Why'd I miss that bird?

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Do you know how your shotgun performs with different loads? More


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The skies should be raining dead birds... More

Women Discover Nature and Outdoor Fun

Whether they were excited to hit a bullseye in archery or clay targets using shotguns, savoring the latest Dutch-oven cooking, finding their way with a compass or just laughing at dinner, the 80 or so women at the latest Discover Nature—Women workshop put on by the Missouri Department of Conservation had great fun learning new skills. More