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Dry conditions create heightened wildfire danger in western Missouri

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MDC urges precautions to prevent dangerous wildfires. More

Fire Department Assistance Programs

The Volunteer Fire Assistance and Federal Excess Property programs help rural fire departments improve fire-protection efforts at the local level. More

Fire Fighting Western Style

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Conservation Department fire fighters battle big blazes out west. More

Management Problems

Management problems in the Platte River watershed More

MDC providing grants to rural fire departments

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180 fire departments across the state receiving checks of up to $3,000 to help with the purchase of personal protective gear and firefighting equipment for use against wildfire and structure fires. More

Partners in Rural Fire Protection

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Rural volunteer firefighters sacrifice their time and safety, and deserve our sincere thanks. More

Prescribed Burning

Learn how to conduct a controlled burn safely with this video. More

Redings Mill gains national attention for wildfire plan

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A rural fire protection district in southwest Missouri has earned national recognition for its wildfire protection practices. More

Where There's Fuel, There Could Be Fire

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Too much fuel on the forest floor can lead to catastrophic fires. More