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An Ozark Fire History

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 Fire scars on trees reveal the history of human use of fire in the Ozarks. More

Be careful with fireworks to prevent wildfires

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Follow common-sense precautions to protect lives, property and Missouri’s precious forests, fish and wildlife from wildfires. More


Find places to camp at Missouri's conservation areas, and browse tips for safe, successful camping. More

Deer Hunters, Beware of Fire Danger!

Don't let an escaped fire ruin deer season. More

Dry conditions create heightened wildfire danger in western Missouri

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MDC urges precautions to prevent dangerous wildfires. More


Wildfires destroy habitat, communities, homes and lives, but prescribed fire can help you improve your Missouri woods and habitat. Browse fire-control tools and grant opportunities for local fire departments, and get tips for conducting controlled burns. More

Fire danger high for southern Missouri

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MDC foresters warn dry weather and high winds could cause fires to spread. More

Fire Fighting Western Style

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Conservation Department fire fighters battle big blazes out west. More

Forester Sam Jewett has a Wild Job

Forester Sam Jewett stands on a bulldozer he uses to fight wildfires
MDC forester Sam Jewett stands on the bulldozer he uses to fight forest fires. More