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Feral Hogs: Bad for Missouri

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Feral hogs, now established in more than 20 counties, are a growing concern for Missourians. More

Feral Hot Scat: Figure A

light-colored feral hog scat among fall leaves and twigs
Because of the diverse diet of feral hogs, their droppings vary greatly in shape and consistency. More

Front and Hind Feral Hog Tracks

feral hog tracks in mud show round shape, blunted toes and wide dewclaw marks.
Compared to narrower, more elongated deer tracks, these hog tracks show a rounded shape, blunt toes and wide dewclaw marks. More

Hog Rub

mud-caked tree trunk is evidence of rubbing by feral hogs
After wallowing, feral hogs rub on nearby trees, leaving mud and hair on the bark. More

Hog Tracks in Mud

hog tracks with dewclaw wider than hoof base in mud
Feral hog tracks are more rounded than deer tracks. Note the dewclaw mark, lower left. When visible in tracks, hog dewclaws typically register wider than the hoof. Both dewclaws may not register, depending on the soil type and animal movement. More

Hog Wallows

muddy wallows created by feral hogs in a forest
Because they lack sweat glands, hogs cool themselves by wallowing in the mud of seeps, springs, ponds and streams. Here they leave their tracks and the imprint of their coarse hair in the mud. Both rooting and wallowing are incredibly destructive to native plant communities and landscaped areas, such as parks and golf courses. More

Hog-Damaged Lawn

Lawn trampled and uprooted by feral hogs
Feral hogs can cause damage to rural pastures and urban landscapes alike. More

MDC feral hog removal efforts making progress on public lands

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Image of a feral hog
Call MDC if you see feral hogs and call OGT if you see someone transporting or releasing them. More

News and Almanac

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"News and Almanac" for the May 1999 Missouri Conservationist. More

News and Almanac

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"News and Almanac" for the October 2001 Missouri Conservationist. More