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A Helping Hand on Public Land

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The Conservation Department teams with farmers to improve wildlife habitat on conservation areas. More

Blending Farming and Conservation

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Steve and Sharon Oetting - Lafayette County
Good land stewardship benefits both nature and the bottom line. More

Creating Quality Quail Habitat

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Those who love these feisty birds do all they can to make them feel welcome. More

Deer Management: Your Farm and Beyond

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Cooperatively Managing Land For Hunting
Building herd quality through conservation cooperatives. More

Demonstration Farms

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Show-and-tell among landowners promotes good land stewardship. More

Designed for Wildlife

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Missouri rice farmers provide habitat for waterfowl. More

Disking for Wildlife

Landowner on tractor pulls disk field to promote ragweed growth
Improve your Missouri farm's wildlife habitat by disking strips through a field during fall or spring. More

Disking Next to Cover

Landowner on tractor pulls disk field to promote ragweed growth
To produce lots of free quail food next year, disk next to cover when the leaves begin to change. More

Endangered Fish Benefit Landowners

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Image of a topeka shiner
What's good for rare fish proves a boon for nearby landowners. More

Farmers and Wildlife Win with CP33

Earning a living by crop farming has always been a challenge. More