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Off-Road Developers!

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Mountain biking group creates a trail that makes everyone happy. More

One Day In November

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For a father who hunts, a son is a boy for an agonizingly short time. More

Outdoor Recreation

Enjoy outdoor Missouri? Use this section to get learn more about everything from birding to woodworking for wildlife. More

Quail Hunting Tradition

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A father’s mission to pass on the excitement of hunting. More

See Missouri Fish, Birds, Snakes & More at the State Fair!

How often do you get to see wondrously tended chickens, rabbits, cattle, horses and pigs alongside corn dogs, cotton candy, huge catfish, a turtle with a figure-8 shell and flowers native to Missouri? More

Shotgun Wedding

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turkey hunting
Fall turkey hunting is nothing to brag about, except when you shoot a turkey. More

The "Firsts"

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Our most memorable hunts stay with us, especially when shared with family. More

The Family That Hunts Together...

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The shared language of turkey talk keeps the Parnell family close.   More

The Threshold of Goneness

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A survival manual for living peacefully with a non-hunting and fishing spouse. More

To Have and to Hunt: Husband & Wife Hunting Teams

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"Matrimony-the high sea for which no compass has yet been invented."-Heine More