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All About Captive Wildlife

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Know what it takes to keep captive wildlife and exotic animals safely and legally. More

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Eggs and Nymphs

Photo of eggs and nymphs of brown marmorated stink bug
The brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), a native of southeast Asia, was discovered in Pennsylvania in 1998, apparently having hitched a ride on shipping crates. A pest of fruit trees, soybeans, and many other crops, it is spreading across North America. It has been found in Missouri. These are the eggs and newly hatched nymphs. More

Emerald Ash Borer

Image of emerald ash borer (dead adult specimen).
Emerald ash borer (dead adult specimen). More

Feral Hog Invasive Species Fact Sheet

Use this print-and-carry fact sheet to identify and control feral hogs in Missouri. More

Invasive Animals

If you care about Missouri’s crops and wildlife, please do what you can to identify, prevent and control the spread of exotic invasive species. More

Missouri Zebra-Mussel Infestation Map

This map shows areas in Missouri known and potentially infested with the zebra mussel. More

Rusty Crayfish Fact Sheet

Learn to identify the rusty crayfish and prevent it from spreading into Missouri's waters. More

The Accidental Tourist

When loggers find an abandoned desert tortoise in Shannon County, it reminds us to choose pets carefully. Abandoned exotic pets can create long-term impacts on the health of Missouri's forest, fish and wildlife. More

Zebra Mussels Invasive Species Fact Sheet

Use this print-and-carry sheet to identify and avoiding spreading highly destructive zebra mussels in Missouri. More