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Don't Go With the Flow

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What we can do about stream bank erosion. More

Meadow Willow

Salix petiolaris
A clumped shrub that grows naturally only in the northeastern part of Missouri, meadow willow lives in low, wet ground in mud or sandy gravel along streams and in wet meadows. Rare in our state, it is perhaps best identified by examining the leaves. More

Study shows forestry best management practices prevent erosion

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The Conservation Department got a surprising answer when it asked University of Missouri researchers to learn how much erosion its timber harvests were causing on conservation areas in the Ozarks. More

Table Hc02: Streambank Erosion in the Black River Basin

Streambank erosion ratings in the Black River basin More

Table Lu02: Qualitative Erosional Changes of the Current River

Qualitative erosional changes for the Current River More