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Surveying for Bugs

Sometimes it is the little things...

Last week I was out looking to see what kind of food would be available for early season migrants like blue-winged teal.

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Scope of Summer Dirt Work

Spotlight on Summer Work

This is an exciting time for the Duck Creek renovation...

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Recent Clearing Work

Spring Cleaning In Preparation for Summer Work

We are rolling up our sleeves and getting ready for more work on the area this summer. Similar to previous renovation construction, we are connecting smaller pieces of habitat and incorporating them within larger blocks of the area when possible. That means taking down some old levees, wiping out neglected fence lines, and filling in unnecessary ditches.

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Spicebrush Flower

Spring Indicators

As we move into April it looks like spring has finally sprung.

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Newly hatched tadpoles in palm of hand.

Spring Is In The Air ... And Water

The past several days feel like spring might actually show up and stay for a while. The warmer temperatures and rolling thunderstorms seem to indicate there might be a chance of May flowers after all.

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Evaluating plant growth

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Last week we went out into units A and B to see what plants were coming up so that we could start scratching out a game plan for this summer and fall. As we surveyed the area we encountered the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Depressions from Foraging Ducks

The Many Meanings of Muddy Water

What comes to mind when you hear “Muddy Water”?

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Aquatic plant, pickerel weed, being grown in a nursery


As the construction contract comes to a close, we’ve been assessing the habitat conditions and moving on to habitat management. In the months to come there will be many transitions.

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Duck Creek spillway repair

Tweaks to Unit A

The big changes have already occurred with the renovations to Unit A. This summer a couple tweaks, like the spillway repair in the left hand corner, will tie up loose ends.

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