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Mulching of dry scour

Mulch Added to Dry Scour

By scouring away the dirt to create levees the top soil has been removed. Baled wetland vegetation from the previous fall is added to replace some of the organic matter and to help kick start the bugs once the area is reflooded.

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Snow Geese and Bald Eagle over Pool 1

Nature presents: A Duck Creek Drama

We're fortunate to have opportunities to discover nature right around us.

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Grandpas Tractor

Of Marshes and Machines

Although I grew up in a small town, I learned at an early age on my grandpa’s farm that nothing runs like a big green tractor.

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Wood ducks in a trap

Out of the Box: Monitoring Breeding Ducks

Wood ducks and hooded mergansers are one of the hallmarks of Duck Creek and Mingo National Wildlife Area.

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Photo shows American lotus flower pod at Duck Creek CA

Pool 1: Upcoming Partial Day Closure, June 18th Update

We wanted to let folks know that Pool 1 on Duck Creek will be closed to fishing for one partial day, which has yet to be determined, from first light of day until the completion of the job.

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Aerial photo of flooding on Duck Creek CA's Pools 1,2 and 3

Reporting on Last Spring's Historic Flood Event

While the contractors are busy making progress in Unit A, I thought I’d take a little bit of time to give a short report. Check out the video link to see what we found.

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Clusters of yellow-green algae

Scum of the Earth

So at the beginning of May I was checking on things out at Duck Creek and stumbled upon something I hadn’t encountered before…little green orbs or spheres scattered across the top of the ground.

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Surveying for Bugs

Sometimes it is the little things...

Last week I was out looking to see what kind of food would be available for early season migrants like blue-winged teal.

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Spicebrush Flower

Spring Indicators

As we move into April it looks like spring has finally sprung.

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Newly hatched tadpoles in palm of hand.

Spring Is In The Air ... And Water

The past several days feel like spring might actually show up and stay for a while. The warmer temperatures and rolling thunderstorms seem to indicate there might be a chance of May flowers after all.

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