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Siren Mug Shot

Creature Feature: Godzilla Sequel?

Five hundred years ago maps from the old-world showed fantastic mythical beasts lurking ...

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Applying fertilizer to a scour

Dry and Disked Scour

Not all of the scours on Duck Creek are wet or vegetated. We have applied fertilizer and incorporated it into the soil to help stimulate plant growth once the summer heat subsides.

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Duck Creek Hunting Update: August 2012

Cooler temperatures may have you thinking about the upcoming fall hunting seasons. Here we give you an idea of how things are shaping up at Duck Creek CA.

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Flocks of Waterfowl

Duck Creek Makeover

One of the Department's oldest wetland management areas is being updated for improved function, better habitat, and public accessibility.

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Empty Nest

As the kids go back to school, your house may not be the only empty nest in the area. This summer’s drought conditions also had an impact on breeding wood ducks at Duck Creek Conservation Area.

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rainfall comparison 2013

End of July 2013 Update

Back in May we laid out what we were hoping to accomplish this summer.

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Map showing Duck Creek CA scope of work.

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