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Ducks in a pond

2012 Duck Creek Waterfowl Season Wrap-Up

Each year is different and this one is definitely followed suit. The record drought restricted the amount of options migratory waterfowl could use as stopover habitat during their southward migration over the Mississippi Flyway.

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2013 Annual Acorn Survey

2013 Mast Crop Survey

As the leaves on the trees begin to turn, another fall mast survey has wrapped up on Duck Creek.

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Dark Cypress in August 2013

2013 Teal Season Details at Duck Creek

Duck Creek and Dark Cypress Swamp will be open for teal hunting. Here is more information about how and where...

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Open Water on Pool 1

2014 Teal Season Details at Duck Creek

Duck Creek and Dark Cypress Swamp will be open for teal hunting and here is what conditions will look like...

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Foraging Tundra Swans

Another Fowl Arctic Visitor

I know many of us have foul words for the polar vortex pattern this winter...

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Walk in the woods

Antidote for Cabin Fever

This winter has been something else. The blasts of arctic air combined with every kind of wintery precipitation have cancelled schools, depleted road salt supplies, and ushered many folks indoors.

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Aquatic plant, pickerel weed, being grown in a nursery

Aquatic Propagation in Scours

Over the summer aquatic plants, like this pickerel weed, have been grown in a nursery and planted in some of the deeper scours that have held water through the summer.

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Flooded habitat for early fall migrants

Bird's-Eye View

Have you ever wondered what it is like for a duck to migrate cross-country, viewing the landscape from several thousand feet?

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American Goldfinch’s Winter Plumage

Collateral Conservation

During the last several months of 2014 many managed wetland areas like Duck Creek in the North and Middle Zones in Missouri have been a hotbed of activity...

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red swamp crayfish

College Towns, Waterfowl, And The Rest Of The Residents

It is that time of year when summer comes to a close and school starts back up again. If you have ever lived in a college town, you know the community goes under a bit of a transition.

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