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Alternate-Leaved Dogwood (Pagoda Dogwood)

Cornus alternifolia
Dogwoods have leaves arranged opposite one another on the stem—except for this species! This shrub or small tree is a popular ornamental, especially in the northern parts of Missouri, where it can be too cold to grow flowering dogwood.

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Coming Soon to a Landscape Near You

You may have noticed some flowering trees already this spring: the white blooms of serviceberry, plums and ornamental pears and the pink of Japanese magnolia and peaches.

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flowering dogwood tree

Dogwoods, redbuds could bloom early this year

Accelerated tree blooming could reduce the length of spring allergy season.

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flowering dogwood flower

Flowering Dogwood

Cornus florida
A beautiful shrub to small tree with a straggling, spreading crown, Missouri’s official state tree presents lovely boughs of white inflorescences in springtime forests.

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Gray Dogwood (Stiff Dogwood)

Cornus foemina
Gray dogwood is a deciduous, thicket-forming shrub. Its small, creamy-white flowers occur in branched clusters, and its white or pale blue fruits are supported by red stalks—a characteristic that makes it attractive for ornamental uses.

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Gray Dogwood Control

Browse methods for controlling nuisance gray dogwood thickets in Missouri.

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Missouri's State Family

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Missouri's delicate flower, gorgeous bird and pretty tree create a living legacy that ties present to past and future.

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