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A Good Night to Go Out

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Family time in the woods nets more than food or furs. More

Back Cover

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Waterfowl hunting reaffirms the ancient bond between humans and dogs. More

Bird Dog Season Opening

There’s the old expression, “That dog won’t hunt,” meaning that someone’s assertion lacks credibility. More


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Bird dog brothers to the bone, they are diplomats rattling sabers at a public forum, all bombast and posture. More

Coyote and Fox Trapper Record for Hound Running Area

Downloadable hound running area operator’s coyote and fox trapper record form. More

Do You Own a Bird Dog?

One of the finest experiences in the outdoors is watching a pointing dog work a field searching for birds. Do you have a photo of your dog you can share? More

Dog Training Area Permit

Downloadable permit application to operate a dog training area and to purchase, hold, release and shoot on the training area legally acquired pheasants, exotic partridge and quail. More

Dog Training Area Sign

Downloadable sign to mark the boundaries of Dog Training Area. More

Field and Retriever Trial Permit

Application for field and retriever trial permit. More

Fine Dog Work

Frank Loncarich approaches two dogs on point.
Frank Loncarich approaches his pointer, Bailey, who has pinned down a large covey of quail. More