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May 15 antlers

Deer antler growth as of May 15
Deer antler growth as of May 15 More

MDC offers free workshops on managing private land for deer

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A White-tailed deer doe and fawn
Missouri is a great place to hunt deer and private landowners are key. More

MDC to supervise managed archery deer hunts set for five Kansas City parks

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Managed hunts are coordinated with the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department to provide bowhunters additional opportunities and help reduce over-populated deer herds. More


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"Miscellany" for the November 2011 Missouri Conservationist. More

Missouri Citizens are Key to Deer Management Success

White Tailed Doe
The Department of Conservation seeks input on proposed management approaches. More

Missouri deer harvest follows regional trend

Two white-tailed deer does stand in icy field.
Department will host public meetings in 2014 to gather input on deer management plan More

Missouri Deer Hunting History

Learn how conservation and carefully regulated hunting seasons helped restore great deer hunting to Missouri. More

Mom Is There Somewhere

That cute baby animal has special needs, and nobody can do that better than its mom. Leave that baby where you found it to give it the best chance in life. More

Motorists should be alert for deer

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Photo of deer on the side of the road
Chances for deer darting in front of fast-moving vehicles increases in November, so drivers should be extra alert to avoid accidents. More

Motorists should be alert for deer near roadways

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Fall landscape changes and the rutting season prompt increased deer activity. More