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Deer Cam

See how video cameras are helping wildlife researchers learn more about whitetail deer. More

Deer Diseases

Learn about a few of the more common parasites and unusual conditions that people, especially hunters, might observe in deer: chronic wasting disease, cutaneous fibromas, hemorrhagic disease, Lyme disease, nasal bot flies and tapeworms. More

Deer Harvest Summaries

Browse final harvest numbers for all forms of deer hunting in Missouri, year by year, for the last five years. More

Deer Harvest Summary: 2009-2010

Browse Missouri deer-harvest numbers for 2009-2010 by season, portion, and county. More

Deer hunters free bucks with antlers locked together

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Deer hunters reminded of changed permit format, tagging procedures

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A new YouTube video shows how to “bag it, notch it, tag it and check it.” Free permit protectors are available from conservation agents and MDC offices. More

Deer Hunting

Browse Missouri deer-hunting topics, including managed hunts, regulations, seasons, hunting areas, hunting tips, field dressing, tree-stand safety, and more. More

Deer Hunting in the "Burbs"

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A solution to escalating deer numbers may be as close as your hunting neighbor. More

Deer Hunting Regulations on Consevation Areas

Six types of regulations limit doe harvest on Missouri's conservation areas. Carefully check an area's deer-hunting regulations before hunting there. More