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Protecting Missouri's White-Tailed Deer

10 point BuckChronic wasting disease (CWD) is in Missouri. Be informed and help protect Missouri’s white-tailed deer. More

Reminder on Deer Management Open Houses

White tailed fawn and doe
Attend a public meeting to learn about deer management, deer hunting, and to share opinions. More

State of the State’s Deer Herd

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White tailed fawn and doe
How disease and other factors affect our white-tailed deer population. More

The Button Buck Dilemma

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How does shooting young bucks affect deer management? More

The Key to Successful Deer Management

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Photo of a White Tailed Buck.
Antlerless permits empower landowners to manage their deer populations. More

The Tides of Change in Missouri Deer Management

Change in Deer Management
The Department of Conservation addresses new challenges to herd health. More

Trimming the Herd

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Successful deer management depends on the cooperation of hunters, landowners and communities. More

Urban Deer Management

Help us manage deer in urban areas. More