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Comment on Deer Management

We value your input! Browse discussion topics and comment on the Department's deer management. More

Chronic Wasting Disease in Missouri

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White Tailed Deer
Disease management strategies for our white-tailed deer herd More

Conservation Area Management

Diverse hunting regulations on conservation areas have been established to fulfill the desires of hunters with different harvest and hunting methods interests. More

Conservation Department announces deer meetings

Learn about current management goals and meet with biologists in one-on-one conversations. More

Deer expert predicts strong deer harvest

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deer hunting
The effects of this year’s hemorrhagic disease outbreak might not become evident for several years. Deer and hunter numbers remain strong in Missouri. More

Deer Management for the Future

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Hunters and landowners help develop new deer regulations. More

Deer Management Plan

This plan outlines four primary goals that incorporate the current priorities for deer management in Missouri. More

Deer Management Program Review

The history of deer managment in Missouri. More

Deer Management: Your Farm and Beyond

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Cooperatively Managing Land For Hunting
Building herd quality through conservation cooperatives. More

Deer on Your Property

Browse tips for managing deer on your property and for controlling them when they become nuisances. More