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Confined Wildlife Regulations Proposal

  Join the conversation and share your thoughts on these proposed regulations to keep Missouri's deer herd healthy. Comment now. More

Chronic Wasting Disease

CWD kills deer, elk, and moose. Get the facts, and help protect Missouri's white-tailed deer from this disease. More

Chronic Wasting Disease in Missouri

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White Tailed Deer
Disease management strategies for our white-tailed deer herd More

Citizen help critical to avoid spreading wildlife diseases

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Proper disposal of deer carcasses is one key element in efforts to limit the spread of chronic wasting disease. More

Conservation Action June 2014

People fill the auditorium at Conservation Commission meeting room.

Conservation Department urges state-wide vigilance to protect white-tailed deer

A white-tailed deer doe and fawn with spots.
Anyone who sees sick deer should report it to their local conservation agent or office. More

CWD Core Area Map

CWD Core Area Map
The olive-color box on this map shows the core area around where CWD has been found, and where MDC will be working with local landowners to reduce deer numbers. The core area is comprised of a 30-square-mile block along the northern part of the Linn- and Macon-county border and comprises about 2% of the counties’ total area. More

CWD found in two free-ranging deer from Macon County

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Photo of white tailed buck
Two positive results for Chronic Wasting Disease are first for free-ranging deer in Missouri. More

CWD remains confined to Linn-Macon-County Core Area

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Four new cases from targeted deer reduction brings total to 10 in Missouri free-ranging deer. More