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Crappie are in season all year, but fishing for them peaks in April, when crappie often can be found near the banks of the state's reservoirs. More

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After the fun of catching foot-long crappie comes the pleasure of eating them. More

Black Crappie

Image of a black crappie
Pomoxis nigromaculatus
Also called "papermouth, "bachelor perch" or just "crappie," this popular panfish is deep bodied and strongly compressed laterally (slab-sided). The sides are silver with an irregular pattern of dark speckles. The upper jaw is long, reaching past the middle of the eye. More

Crappie Francaise

Try this recipe for fresh crappie seasoned with lemon and herbs in a delicate morel sauce. More

Crappie in Small Ponds

This Aquaguide shows you how to manage your small Missouri pond for crappie. More

Crappie: King of Spring

When the weather warms, anglers seek a royal treat in a mess of these fine-eating fish. More

Discover nature with MDC crappie clinic at Mark Twain Lake

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Image of a black crappie
Have family fun while learning crappie fishing skills, followed by a day on the Lake. More

King Crappie

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Fishing for crappies in Missouri is better today because of special fishing regulations. More

March Madness

While most folks may think that March Madness only applies to the NCAA basketball tournament. Here are a few reasons it could apply to Duck Creek CA as well. More