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A Pawn in the Game of Life

Do you ever get the feeling your big brain and opposable thumbs aren't really that big an advantage? More
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bony, distressed-looking dog or coyote with no hair
Canis cryptis
Sometimes people mistake a mangy Missouri coyote for the legendary chupacabra. More

Chupacabra or Mangy Coyote?

bony, distressed-looking dog or coyote with no hair
Every year people send reports of chupacabra sightings, along with a photo of a coyote that looks like this one, which is suffering from severe sarcoptic mange and malnutrition. The chupacabra, on the other hand, is a legendary creature fabled to suck milk from goats. No wildlife biologist has ever confirmed the existence of one. More

Collared Gray Wolf

Collared, grayish-tan wolf in open field
Gray wolves can be white or black, but most are a variation of brown or gray. In recent years, a few gray wolves have wandered into Missouri from the upper Midwest and were mistaken for coyotes. If you see an exceptionally large “coyote,” it could be a gray wolf, which is protected under the Endangered Species Act. More

Considering Coyotes

A coyote is staring at me. Fortunately, it’s on the wall in my office, peering out from the January page of the Missouri Department of Conservation's Natural Events Calendar. More


coyote walking through grassland
Canis latrans
This much-maligned member of the dog family does a great service to the ecosystem by helping to hold populations of rabbits and mice in check. In addition, their yips and barks add auditory excitement to rural nights. More

Coyote Control

Learn to identify, prevent, and control nuisance coyotes on your Missouri property. More

Coyote in Grassland

coyote walking through grassland
Occasionally mistaken for gray wolves, which are more than twice their size and are rarely seen in Missouri, coyotes are common in our state. If you see an exceptionally large coyote, it could be a gray wolf, which is protected under the Endangered Species Act. More

Hound Running Area Permit

Permit to operate a hound running area and purchase, transport, propagate, hold in captivity and sell or to release into a permitted hound running area legally acquired foxes and coyotes. More

Hunter shoots unusually large coyote in Northwest Missouri

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Large coyote
A Carroll County deer hunter shot a coyote weighing more than 100 pounds. More