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Bobcat Prowl

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Photo of bobcat
Silent, shy and mostly nocturnal, bobcats are steadily increasing their numbers in Missouri. More

Chesterfield sighting confirmed to be a mountain lion

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mountain lion in Chesterfield
This third recent confirmed report brings the total to 13 in Missouri since 1994. More

Confirmed Mountain Lion Reports

Since 1994, the Department has confirmed 45 of the hundreds of mountain lion reports in Missouri. View the map of confirmed reports. More

Confirming Mountain Lion Evidence

Closeup of mountain lion face
How does the Mountain Lion Response Team determine whether physical evidence is from a mountain lion or some other kind of animal? The slideshow on this page shows you how. More

Confirming Mountain Lion Sightings

Closeup of mountain lion face
Confirming the presence of mountain lion requires physical evidence, such as photos, tracks or DNA. More

Cougar Tracks in Creekbed

Photo of confirmed cougar tracks in muddy creekbed
A landowner photographed these mountain lion tracks in northern Macon County in April 2011. More

DNA tests shed light on cougar, wolf sightings

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Results confirm ties to mountain lions from South Dakota and timber wolves from the Great Lakes states. More

Hunter admits shooting mountain lion in Ray County

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Conservation officials say no charges will be filed. More

Hunters shoot mountain lion near Macon

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image of dead mountain lion
Hunters say animal posed threat. Fourth recent confirmed report brings total to 14 in Missouri since 1994. More

If You Encounter a Mountain Lion

The chance of a meeting a mountain lion on a Missouri trail is almost zero, but knowing how to recognize and respond to threatening behaviors can help you avoid or survive a close encounter. More