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Rattlesnake Weed

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Perilla is used in cooking and adds a nice contrast to gardens. More

Ready for the Pan

Scored fish fillets are ready for breading and cooking.
This close-up photo shows two fish fillets ready for frying. More

Roadkill Café

Roadkill cafe participants prepared and enjoyed a variety of wild game dishes
Roast skunk? You bet! Nothing goes to waste at the Twin Pines Roadkill Café where participants learned to prepare tasty dishes from wild game. More

Runge to host “Cooking Wild” book signing

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Cooking Wild Cover
Stop by Nature Center on Oct. 20 to meet the author, and more. More

Savoring Venison

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Venison, the healthiest red meat of all, grows wild in Missouri. More

Smokin' Fish

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If you own a smoker - one of those contraptions designed specifically for slow-cooking fish and other delicacies over wood smoke - you probably already know how to prepare fish that would bring tears of happiness to a gourmet's eyes. More

Squirrel Crazy

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Meat doesn't always come packaged in plastic. More


Diversify your venison cuisine with this savory stroganoff. More

Swiss Venison Steak

Dish up a delicious Swiss steak dinner using venison round steak. More

Tempting Morsels

Fried golden brown, these carp fillets are tempting morsels.
This photo shows Asian carp fillets fried to a tempting golden brown. More