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A Taste of Chitin

When life hands you cicadas, cover them with chocolate. That’s what Julie Love in our Protection Division did last week. More

Asian Carp Cleaning

Vince Travnichek and Jackson Landers prepare Asian carp for cooking.
Vince Travnichek and Jackson Landers are using an electric knife and a filet knife to prepare carp for cooking. More

Asian Silver Carp

Gathering the main ingredient for an Asian carp eat-a-thon was easy, as silver carp eagerly volunteered. More

Basic Venison Burgers

Ground venison makes great burgers. Try this easy recipe for venison burgers that are sure to please. More

Beware! Dangerous! Poisonous! Caution!

Poison warnings for specific plants/wild edibles. More


A listing of additional information sources about wild edibles. More

Blue-Flowering Edibles, Spiderwort - Chicory

Usage listing for blue-flowering edibles Spiderwort - Chicory. More