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black and white illustration of alligator snapping turtle

Common Snapping Turtle Control

Learn to control nuisance common snapping turtles in your Missouri pond or wetland. It is illegal to harm or kill endangered alligator snapping turtles in Missouri.

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black and white illustration of common snapping turtle, side view

Common Snapping Turtle Illustration

The common snapping turtle is found statewide in Missouri, and it is legal to harvest. Check Missouri Turtle Regulations for more details.

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Image of common snapping turtle, dorsal view

Common Snapping Turtle, Dorsal View

Common snapping turtle, dorsal view.

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Image of common snapping turtle, ventral view

Common Snapping Turtle, Ventral View

Common snapping turtle, ventral view.

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Nongame Aquatic Species Regulations

Know the regulations for some of Missouri's nongame clams, frogs, and turtles.

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MDC researcher holds a large snapping turtle.

Vic Bogosian Wild Job

Vic Bogosian has a wild job doing research on turtles.

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